Monday, March 18, 2013

My Run For Congress

Hi all.  It is with great disappointment and much thought that I write to tell you I have decided not to run for U.S. Congress in 2014.  I spent a lot of time this past weekend discussing it with my wife Traci and my close friends and advisors.  After thinking deeply about the nature of running for political office and being a member of Congress I have decided that running for political office at this point in my life may not be the best use of my time for the cause of freedom.  Although the appeal of reaching more people with the case for freedom entices me, there are lots of things about the entire project that discourage me. Politics is a dirty business, and it involves telling people what they want to hear.  I am more likely to tell people what they don’t want to hear.   Modifying or watering down my position is not something I am willing to do. 

Although I remain an activist for freedom, I am just not a political guy.  I don’t like the “dirt” and gamesmanship of politics.  I also don’t like asking people to donate money to my campaign. There are many other factors as well.  In the end, this just isn’t the right time in my life to endeavor into the political realm.  I remain open to the possibility there may come a time I decide to wade into those political waters once again, but it isn’t now.  I apologize to those who have already begun to assist with my campaign.  I appreciate all the efforts of those who have offered to assist me. Anyone who has donated to my campaign will receive a refund for the money you contributed.  For those who have volunteered, I wanted to get this out as quickly as possible to you to thank you for all you have done so far.  Also, I wanted to make this announcement early so you would not commit more of your time and resources.

I hope we can nonetheless continue the fight for freedom through other non-political avenues.  I will continue to fight for freedom in my law practice, with my radio show, in future articles, in speeches, and in many other ways.  I invite you to use whatever talents you have to also promote freedom in whatever peaceful ways fit best with your skills and desires.  Slowly, people are realizing freedom works better than enslavement and coercive government.  As I have said many times, there is no centralized plan for freedom.  Let’s keep up the fight.


Marc J. Victor, Esq.
Marc J. Victor, P.C.
3920 South Alma School Road, Suite 5
Chandler, Arizona 85248

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Marc Victor Already Planning to Run Against Kyrsten Sinema

Democratic Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema has been in Congress for a little more than six weeks now, but libertarian-minded attorney Marc Victor is already planning to defeat her in 2014.

We've heard from his campaign that Victor, who ran as the Libertarian option against Richard Carmona and then-Congressman Jeff Flake in the recent Senate election, will be running as a Republican.

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"Marc is very serious about winning this time and has a very good shot at doing so," according to his campaign. "He has been in contact with Ron Paul and running as a Republican can expect help from Ron with the campaign."

That's a bit of a different tone than Victor used in his bid for Senate, in which he pulled in about 4.5 percent of the votes.

"I don't care what people do with their votes," Victor told New Times during the campaign, after a pro-Flake Super PAC claimed a vote for Victor was really a vote for Carmona. "I'm just promoting freedom."

Obviously, running as a Libertarian, Victor knew his odds of winning were just about zero, and starting out this campaign with the Ron Paul information, it doesn't look like Victor's abandoning the libertarian message.

Victor, an honorably discharged Marine, is also an attorney, and we've noted a couple of the successes he's had of late.

Victor actually announced his run for Senate last summer, about a week after defending a client who was found not guilty of transporting 83 pounds of marijuana from Douglas to Phoenix.

Then, just weeks before the election, Victor was a bit busy as he was defending Elizabeth Johnson, the mother of "Baby Gabriel."

Johnson was facing a kidnapping charge in the trial, but a jury ended up finding her guilty of the lesser charge of unlawful imprisonment.

That said, it looks like Victor's actually going to take a shot at winning the election this time, running as a Republican. Of course, to get to Sinema, Victor would have to win that Republican primary -- which was a seven-way race last year.

Vernon Parker won that primary race, but ended up losing to Sinema by about four percentage points.

If you want to check out Victor's campaign website, it can be found here.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Another side of attorney Marc Victor

Who is the man behind the Elizabeth Johnson case… and what’s he like outside the courtroom?
Lin Sue Cooney talks with attorney Marc J. Victor about the Elizabeth Johnson "Baby Gabriel" case and his defense of her and goes behind the scenes to see who Marc Victor is.
Marc Victor is a Criminal Defense attorney in Chandler Arizona, but is not like other attorney's. Marc Victor is a man of many sides, as well as being an attorney, he also hosts his own radio show, 'The Attorney For Freedom Show' and a politician. Marc Victor ran in the Arizona Senate race of 2012 and received over one hundred thousand votes. Although it was not enough to win, he has a very large base of support and will be running again, this time as a Congressman in CD9 against Kyrsten Sinema.
Marc victor is a family man who is married with five children. He enjoys riding his custom Harley Davidson motorcycle when he is not busy fighting for freedom.
Lin Sue Cooney sits down with Marc Victor for a one-on-one and finds out, Who is the man behind the Elizabeth Johnson case… and what’s he like outside the courtroom?
See the full interview below:

Friday, January 4, 2013

Marc Victor Asked to Comment on Jodi Arias Trial

Marc Victor gives his legal opinion in the Jodi Arias Trial.

Prosecutors charged that Arias killed her on-again-off-again boyfriend in a jealous rage after a final, X-rated tryst in 2008. Arias could face the death penalty if convicted.

The Attorney for Freedom Show Number 5

Marc Victor discusses raising children as Libertarian parents with his wife Traci and Joe Carreiro on KQCK Live Radio


Who Really Needs an Assault Rifle?

I am an American. As such, none of my rights depend on a showing of need. I am a free man who has the right to define and pursue my happiness any peaceful way I see fit. The government does not grant me rights. I was born free. The legitimate role of government is to act as my agent to protect my rights; which exist independent of government. Americans do not beg the government for rights nor are they required to demonstrate a “need” for rights.

Attorney Marc Victor on Guns In Schools

Marc was on the news last night with County Attorney Tom Horne and an anti-gun activist.

Today on the Attorney For Freedom Show

Attorney Marc J. Victor talks about the Sandy Hook school shootings in Newtown Connecticut and why gun control does not work.