Civil Rights

The United States Constitution guarantees every American citizen certain civil rights of personal liberty. Among these fundamental civil rights and liberties are the freedoms of speech, religion, assembly, to petition the government, to bear arms, to procedural due process, and to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures and cruel and unusual punishments. Disrespectful, discourteous, slow or unresponsive service from a government representative does not usually give rise to a civil rights violation.

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Civil Liberties

Important civil liberties protected by our Constitution include the rights to:

Speak openly;
Assemble freely;
Not be falsely arrested or maliciously prosecuted;
Due process if you are accused of a crime;
The Right to Keep and Bear Arms;
Freedom from excessive bails and fines, and cruel and unusual punishment;
A speedy and public trial, sometimes by a jury;
Equal protection of the laws; and
Privacy from unreasonable and unwarranted government intrusion into your home and personal affairs.