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Jury finds Elizabeth Johnson not guilty of Kidnapping


Jury finds Elizabeth Johnson not guilty of Kidnapping

Elizabeth Johnson Not Guilty of Kidnapping


Elizabeth Johnson Not Guilty of Kidnapping

Marc Victor’s Closing argument in the Baby Gabriel Case

Marc Victor’s Closing argument in the Baby Gabriel Case

Closing arguments given in missing Arizona baby case



Closing arguments given in missing Arizona baby case

Attorney argues for dropping kidnapping charge against Baby Gabriel’s mother


Attorney Marc Victor argues for dropping kidnapping charge against Baby Gabriel’s mother 

With the jury off Monday morning, Elizabeth Johnson’s attorney, Marc Victor, made his appeal to drop the kidnapping charge against her.
He argued that two factors that must be proved in a kidnapping case don’t apply to the mother of missing Baby Gabriel. First, the state has to prove she restrained the baby by keeping him away from his father, Logan McQueary. Johnson’s attorney used texts from Johnson saying she killed Gabriel to bolster his argument.

“I think, by the way, there is evidence to the contrary of this, but imagine she actually did kill the baby. There’s no kidnapping at that point, Judge,” Victor said. “You can’t have a kidnapping of a dead person.”

Second, the state would have to prove that Johnson wanted to scare McQueary into thinking there was an imminent threat to Gabriel’s physical safety.
“So, when she very clearly says, ‘I killed him,’ that could mean that she was intending to say, ‘I’m planning to kill him in the future?’ It doesn’t make sense Judge!” Victor said. “It’s English!”
The judge disagreed. So did the attorneys for the state, arguing they had enough to prosecute for kidnapping.

“Whether she killed him or whether she gave him away to another couple, she did it without the father’s consent,” Elisa Ramunno said. “That was restraint within the meaning of the statute.”
State’s attorneys cited other cases supporting their argument. The judge said he’ll study it all before making his decision before the start of court on Tuesday.

Marc Victor Plays Role in Deciding Senate Race in Arizona


Politico’s Manu Raju talks about three senate races in Missouri, Arizona and Montana and why they could determine which party controls the upper chamber next January.

Good News For Flake Campaign, Victor Denied Debate Invitation


Good News For Flake Campaign, Victor Denied Debate Invitation
Chandler, Arizona, [Oct. 15, 2012]- In a surprising twist of good news for embattled Republican candidate Jeff Flake, Marc J. Victor, Libertarian Senate candidate, was denied an invitation to this evenings second Senate debate to be held in Tucson at 6:00 pm on KVOA.
During Wednesday’s Horizon debate, Mr. Victor, running right of the so called libertarian record of representative Flake, criticized Mr. Flake on his vote for the Patriot Act, and on his hallmark “accomplishment” the elimination of earmarks.

In a statement released today, Mr. Victor said, “As I remarked in the debate, the elimination of earmarks as a fiscal savings tactic amounts to only 0.5% of the budget, a miniscule drop in an ocean of federal spending. What my opponents don’t want you to hear is that our government has a huge spending problem. The federal government needs a 12 step program to recover from its collective addiction to spending but my opponents are codependents, you can’t ask them to solve the problem. My proposal is bold, there is no tinkering around the edges. My proposal is to bring our government back under control by cutting departments like the department of energy, department of education and the IRS. Not one of these actually brings value to American citizens, but they all add enormous regulation, bureaucracy and costs which equals taxes for American families.” Mr. Victor continued, “Apparently what I have to say, the plain and hard faced truth, is too detrimental to be allowed the same open forum as the other candidates. The government can’t or won’t get its spending under control and they would rather find a way to make you and me foot their bills. Earmarks are just a token snip offered by Mr. Flake when what we need is a major pruning.”

About Marc Victor: Marc J. Victor, aka “Attorney for Freedom” is a practicing criminal defense attorney with an office in Chandler, Arizona, since 1994.  Regarded as an expert, Mr. Victor also writes articles and lectures on the criminal justice system to judges, prosecutors and police officers. Mr. Victor is a veteran and has been a lifelong advocate for freedom and civil liberties, is pro 2nd amendment, would end the war on drugs, and as senator, would reduce government to its constitutionally defined role of protecting the rights of the individual and nothing further.

Elizabeth Johnson’s attorney files for dismissal


Marc Victor on the Lou Show


Libertarian Candidate Marc J. Victor tells us why he entered the Senate race against Carmona and Flake.

U.S. Senate Candidate Marc J. Victor Stings Representative Flake

Chandler, Arizona, [Oct. 11, 2012]- Libertarian U.S. Senate nominee Marc J. Victor made the most of his obviously curtailed participation in the Senate debate Wednesday night with several critical remarks  directed at the supposed “libertarian” record of Republican Rep. Jeff Flake.

In a statement released today, Mr. Victor said, “I may not have been treated as equally in the debate as my opponents, but that leaves me in very good company. Ron Paul, Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray, have all suffered attempts by the statist quo (not a misspelling) to silence them as they fought to bring the message of real limited government and personal freedom to the American people.
That aside, when I do get an opportunity, I will highlight the fallacy of Jeff Flake’s libertarian record. Mr. Flake has a terrible record on personal freedom and limited government with votes for the Patriot Act, FISA and NDAA.”  Mr. Victor continued, “I personally can’t understand how he can be a member of the Republican Liberty Caucus, which, according to their website , ‘oppose government excess and demand accountability to the people and the Constitution’, yet he votes for suspension of habeas corpus and against the 4th Amendment of the Constitution.
As I said during the debate, I believe that Barry Goldwater Senior, for whom the Goldwater Institute was named, and where Mr. Flake was previously the Executive Director, must be turning in his grave over votes like these. Mr. Flake is not a Libertarian nor a libertarian.” Mr. Victor continued, “Representative Flake is a hawkish conservative who votes to give the government the power to circumvent due process and the rights and freedoms of citizens’ in direct contradiction to the Constitution.”

About Marc Victor: Marc J. Victor, aka “Attorney for Freedom” is a practicing criminal defense attorney with an office in Chandler, Arizona, since 1994.  Regarded as an expert, Mr. Victor also writes articles and lectures on the criminal justice system to judges, prosecutors and police officers. Mr. Victor is a veteran and has been a lifelong advocate for freedom and civil liberties, is pro 2nd amendment, would end the war on drugs, and as senator, would reduce government to its constitutionally defined role of protecting the rights of the individual and nothing further.

C-SPAN Senate Debate Video


Potential spoiler in Jeff Flake-Richard Carmona race

The first televised Arizona Senate debate shed light on an overlooked but potentially significant factor in this closely fought race: A third candidate.

Libertarian Marc Victor elbowed his way into the conversation Wednesday night, repeatedly needling Republican Rep. Jeff Flake over his hallmark accomplishment during his dozen years in Congress: killing the practice of earmarks

“Talking about earmarks is exactly the kind of craziness we don’t need anymore,” Victor said at the debate in Phoenix, noting that the national debt is $16 trillion and earmarks account for one half of 1 percent of the federal budget.

“Talking about that is like talking about a drop of water in the ocean.”
Victor won’t be elected as retiring GOP Sen. Jon Kyl’s successor next month, but that doesn’t mean he’s irrelevant.

The attorney and former Marine — who said candidates should be proposing federal departments to shutter instead of “tinkering” with earmarks — could siphon votes from Flake. And that could boost Democrat Richard Carmona in a close election, which polls indicate this very much is.
An internal Democratic poll released Wednesday showed Carmona, the former U.S. surgeon general, leading Flake by 4 percentage points. But it also showed Victor capturing 3 percent of the vote. A recent poll commissioned by Phoenix-based GOP consulting firm HighGround found Victor winning 4 percent.

Flake’s campaign released its own poll showing the six-term congressman ahead 6 points; Victor was not included in that survey, according to a memo. Republicans said libertarian candidates in Arizona typically draw votes from disaffected voters in both the Democratic and Republican parties.
The former head of Arizona’s Goldwater Institute, Flake has spent his time in Congress campaigning against pork-barrel spending, the practice of lawmakers funneling federal dollars to pet projects in their home states. The last transportation bill had 6,300 earmarks, he said, including Alaska’s infamous “Bridge to Nowhere.”

This Congress, Flake claimed victory when both the House and Senate passed a moratorium on earmarks as they became symbols of wasteful spending in Washington.
“It’s good riddance to get rid of them,” Flake said. “Now, municipalities and others can compete for grants on a merit basis that is much better than political patronage.”

Carmona defended the practice, saying “all earmarks are not pork” and that they can fund much-needed infrastructure projects in the state. The Democrat pointed out that Flake’s congressional colleagues have found ways to circumvent the earmark ban.

“What we are talking about are smart investments in our community,” Carmona said. “This is not a bridge to nowhere.”

But Victor said Democrats shared the blame. “These guys got us into the problem,” he said. “It doesn’t matter who’s driving the bus. Democrats and Republicans aren’t the solution to the problem. They are the problem.”

Flake and Carmona have at least two more debates scheduled before the Nov. 6 election, though it’s unclear whether Victor will participate.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Marc Victor to be in the Senate Debate

Wednesday, October 10th – in a U.S. Senate debate on Eight’s public affairs program, Arizona Horizon.

The hour-long debate airs live at 5pm and repeats at 10pm on Eight HD (8.1).  KUAT (Arizona Public Media) in Tucson has expressed interest in airing this debate to ensure statewide coverage.

Each candidate will have a one-minute opening and closing statement (the order to be determined by a drawing just prior to the start of the debate). The balance of the half-hour program will be dedicated to a discussion moderated by Arizona Horizon host, Ted Simons. As with all of Arizona Horizon’s debates, this is not a formal exercise.  It’s an open exchange of ideas, an opportunity for give and take between the candidates.  As such, interjections and even interruptions are allowed provided that all sides get a fair shake.  We’ll do our best to make sure that happens.
C-Span will also be recording the debate for airing on its station.

Judge Jim Gray Stopped By To Meet With Marc Victor

Libertarian Vice-Presidential candidate Jim Gray stopped by the office today to talk with Marc J. Victor about his upcoming debate with Jeff Flake and Richard Carmona and other Libertarian issues.  The judge was in town today to give a speech at ASU.

Rocktoberfest at Chester’s Harley Davidson

Freedom is the Answer...What's the Question?

Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Marc Victor loves talking about freedom.

Victor, 43, says he’s been a “freedom activist” since he was 15, and he’s running for U.S. Senate this year to fight for freedom for Arizonans. The website for his law firm even includes the word freedom.

“Freedom is being in charge of yourself, your body, and your time and your money, and not relying on government to take care of us from cradle to grave,” said Victor, an attorney in Chandler. “Fighting for freedom is more important than fighting for money.”

Victor is running against Republican Jeff Flake and Democrat Richard Carmona in the race to replace longtime U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl, who is retiring.

Though Flake and Carmona are much more well-known and better funded, Victor said neither is the right choice to turn the country in the right direction – neither will fight for the framework of freedom.

“I don’t see anybody else who would drastically reduce the size of government and promote individual rights and responsibilities,” Victor said.

Victor has been in Arizona since 1989 and a lawyer for the last 19 years. He’s a Marine combat veteran, having served in Operation Desert Storm. He has no political experience, but says his experience running a private law firm gives him wisdom about what it takes to create jobs.
He opposes any efforts to cut into our civil liberties, and wants to legalize marijuana and other illegal drugs and end the drug war.

“It’s un-American, it’s destroying our justice system,” Victor said of the war on drugs. Ending it would reduce violence and free up the justice system to focus on violent criminals rather than “victimless crimes.”

He believes the sole purpose of government is to protect people’s rights, and that government needs to drastically reduce spending and move to a true free market, which means low taxes and very few regulations.

“Freedom is my main platform issue, that’s my only issue,” Victor said. “I’m trying to win the hearts and minds of people to support freedom. I think that solves lots of our problems, if not all of our problems.”

Contact reporter Brady McCombs at 573-4213 or On Twitter @BradyMcCombs.

Congratulations from Venezuela

Subject: Congratulations from Venezuela

Hi Marc,

I just read your article “Not Guilty on 83 lbs. of Marijuana and Still No Justice”.
You deserve a standing ovation!

Not only for winning the case, but for educating the jury in their power to serve as the people’s check against governmental tyranny.

José A. Azpúrua
Caracas, Venezuela


Byblos Event

Thursday, Oct. 18th

6:30 – 9:00 pm

3332 South Mill Ave. Tempe, AZ 85282
$50.00 (per-person)

Let’s eat! Hosted by Byblos Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean Restaurant. Comfortable surroundings, fine food and quality service is what you can expect from Byblos.  Highlights of the dinner include Greek roasted lamb or chicken, Rice Pilaf, Greek Salad, Hummus Falafel with all the accompaniments with Baklava for desert.
6:30- Cocktails and conversation.
7:00- Dinner will be served.
8:00- Dessert and conversation.
8:30- Marc Victor will give a short speech.
9:00- Event wrap up
More info:

Marc Victor Gun Club Speech “How To Survive a Traffic Stop”

Part of a speech Marc Victor gave at Pebble Creek Gun Club on 10-06-12 about traffic stops and how to survive one.

Patagonia Area Resource Alliance

Arizona Senate Candidate Marc Victor

Posted by parawatchdogs on Sunday, October 7, 2012

US Senate District 3: Marc Victor



Marc Victor is the Libertarian candidate for US Senate. Here are his positions on issues relevant to PARA’s mission to monitor the activities of industrial developers, such as mining corporations, as well as government agencies, to make sure their actions have long-term, sustainable benefits to our public land, our watershed, and our communities. He chose to sum up his answers to all the questions in a few paragraphs. We’ve listed the questions followed by his answers.

1. When considering an industry’s promise to bring jobs to our community, what other factors would you consider when deciding whether or not the overall impact of such activity would ultimately be good for the long term sustainability of our communities?

2. As we desert dwellers are aware, water is a precious resource. What actions will you take to assure protection of the quality

3. If you support open pit mining in the Santa Rita Mountains, Canelo Hills, Patagonia Mountains, and the San Rafael Valley, what is your proposed solution for the economic bust that will happen after the mines play out in 20 years (historical track record and what current mining applicants forecast as period of operation)?

4. What types of support do you suggest for fostering our existing economic business models such as local food production, wineries, eco-tourism, heritage tourism, etc?

5. Thomas Jefferson said : “I am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and constitutions, but laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change, with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times. ”

The Mining Law of 1872 was enacted to develop this part of the country and at the time mining used dramatically different extraction methods than today’s industry. What will you do to either outright cancel this law OR in the alternative, bring it to modern times and empower local communities to have control over their resources?

6. HR 3446, the “Fair Payment for Energy and Mineral Production on Public Lands Act” will require mining companies to pay a royalty, provide safeguards for clean water, and give communities and agencies a say about where mining will be permitted. What will you do to support this House bill or its Senate version?

7. What other visions of sustainable economic activities do you have for our area?

Marc Victor’s answers:

My firm belief is that government and industry are too closely tied together, creating legislation for mutual benefit at the expense of consumers, fair competition and a free market.
As a Libertarian, my fundamental belief is that people and communities should engage in activity voluntarily. Parallel to that is the belief that no action undertaken should result in the harm of another person or their property.

When we talk about issues, like the mining industry, these principles should be the basis for making any decision. Mining should be conducted in a manner that is safe for the workers, safe for the residents, and insures that any harmful by-products do not contaminate shared resources like air and water. Private property and trespass laws are the legal key for making sure such damage does not occur and that mining companies are held accountable for remedying the situation if it should.
To the questions about the local economy, business models and the forecasted decline of industry as a particular mine plays out, diverse free markets are the best insurance for a robust economy.

Businesses come and go. Industry comes and goes. As technology changes, certain products or services become less desirable in favor of new products and services. To artificially prop up or bail out any business or industry when the consumer and the market no longer want it is, I believe, blatant theft of taxpayer money. You have an advantage of knowing approximately when the mining activity will decline. In my view, members of the local community should be responsible for creating vibrant and competitive local businesses and for planning to accommodate the increase and decrease in the local economy. What I can do to support that is to advocate for the least amount of government intervention and to repeal laws that increase the barriers to or the cost of doing business.

As a non-profit organization with a pending IRS 501-c-3 application, Patagonia Area Resource Alliance (PARA) can not endorse specific candidates. PARA can ask questions of all candidates regarding their positions on issues relevant to PARA’s mission.

Doug Casey calls Marc Victor “Ron Paul on Steroids”

“There’s great danger in having the government do anything, quite frankly. But it could be better if more people like Ron Paul or my friend Marc Victor were in office. Check out Victor; he has the potential to be the next Ron Paul – on steroids.”

Marc Victor on What do you say to independent voters?

The Star invited Arizona’s three U.S. Senate candidates to answer that question, based on the following background:

Since this Senate seat was last open in 2006, the percentage of Arizonans who are registered independents has increased by 360,322 voters, or 54 percent. That compares with growth of 176,945 voters, or 9 percent, for all parties combined. There are now 1 million Arizona voters who identify with no party and 2 million who are party-affiliated.

How do you explain this trend toward rejection of organized political parties?

Mike Wasdin on the Declare Your Independence Show

Mike Wasdin on the Declare Your Independence Show with Ernest Hancock talking about the Victor For Senate Campaign.

Richard Carmona Advertisement Uses Marc Victor Quote to Attack Jeff Flake

Richard Carmona supporter quotes Marc J. Victor when attacking Jeff Flake. Who can blame him? Marc Victor is the best man for the job…even Carmona agrees!

Marc Victor on Why is Arizona lagging in business export growth to Mexico?

The Star invited Arizona’s three U.S. Senate candidates to answer that question, based on the following background:

Mexico is Arizona’s top export partner, accounting for more than a third of our state’s foreign trade. Yet the total value of our exports to Mexico has grown by 1 percent over the past four years while Texas has increased its total by 40 percent. What does Arizona need to do better and how will you expedite trade across our state’s border?

Marc Victor: ‘How will you create jobs for Arizonans, both urban and rural?’

The Star invited Arizona’s three U.S. Senate candidates to answer that question.