Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Senate Candidate Marc J. Victor Criticizes Jeff Flake For Vote To Spy On Americans


Senate Candidate Marc J. Victor Criticizes Jeff Flake For Vote To Spy On Americans.
September 18, Chandler, Arizona- In a statement today, Libertarian Senate Candidate Marc J. Victor criticized Representative Jeff Flake, for his yes vote on H.R. 5949 the FISA Amendments Act Reauthorization Act of 2012.

Said Mr. Victor, “The reauthorization of these amendments permits the government to spy on countless Americans, without a warrant, until 2017. FISA authorizes the warrantless search and surveillance of emails, internet activity, and phone communications of millions of Americans without any judicial oversight. The potential for abuse is staggering. We have come a long way from what the founders of our nation likely envisioned with the inclusion of the 4th Amendment to our Federal Constitution.” Victor continued, “Institutions like CATO have demonstrated that the language is vague, open to wide interpretation and wide scale abuse. The government has admitted that abuse has already occurred.”

Mr. Victor goes on to say, “With this vote, one must ask, if Jeff Flake has such little regard for privacy and rights of Americans, what other police state-type measures would he also support? Senate Candidate Jeff Flake has assisted in directing our country on an Orwellian path of domestic surveillance with obvious disregard for the Bill of Rights and the civil liberties of Americans. Arizonans have long had an independent streak, cherished liberty and resisted the growth of big government. With this latest vote for warrantless surveillance, Senate Candidate Jeff Flake has demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to protect freedom and help return our nation to the principles that made us a great nation. ”

About Marc Victor: Marc J. Victor, aka “Attorney for Freedom” is a practicing criminal defense attorney with offices in Chandler, Arizona, since 1994. Regarded as an expert, Mr. Victor also writes articles and lectures on the criminal justice system to judges, prosecutors and police officers. Mr. Victor has been a lifelong advocate for freedom and civil liberties, is pro 2nd amendment, would end the war on drugs, and as senator would reduce government to its constitutionally defined role of protecting the rights of the individual.


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