Friday, October 19, 2012

U.S. Senate Candidate Marc J. Victor Stings Representative Flake

Chandler, Arizona, [Oct. 11, 2012]- Libertarian U.S. Senate nominee Marc J. Victor made the most of his obviously curtailed participation in the Senate debate Wednesday night with several critical remarks  directed at the supposed “libertarian” record of Republican Rep. Jeff Flake.

In a statement released today, Mr. Victor said, “I may not have been treated as equally in the debate as my opponents, but that leaves me in very good company. Ron Paul, Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray, have all suffered attempts by the statist quo (not a misspelling) to silence them as they fought to bring the message of real limited government and personal freedom to the American people.
That aside, when I do get an opportunity, I will highlight the fallacy of Jeff Flake’s libertarian record. Mr. Flake has a terrible record on personal freedom and limited government with votes for the Patriot Act, FISA and NDAA.”  Mr. Victor continued, “I personally can’t understand how he can be a member of the Republican Liberty Caucus, which, according to their website , ‘oppose government excess and demand accountability to the people and the Constitution’, yet he votes for suspension of habeas corpus and against the 4th Amendment of the Constitution.
As I said during the debate, I believe that Barry Goldwater Senior, for whom the Goldwater Institute was named, and where Mr. Flake was previously the Executive Director, must be turning in his grave over votes like these. Mr. Flake is not a Libertarian nor a libertarian.” Mr. Victor continued, “Representative Flake is a hawkish conservative who votes to give the government the power to circumvent due process and the rights and freedoms of citizens’ in direct contradiction to the Constitution.”

About Marc Victor: Marc J. Victor, aka “Attorney for Freedom” is a practicing criminal defense attorney with an office in Chandler, Arizona, since 1994.  Regarded as an expert, Mr. Victor also writes articles and lectures on the criminal justice system to judges, prosecutors and police officers. Mr. Victor is a veteran and has been a lifelong advocate for freedom and civil liberties, is pro 2nd amendment, would end the war on drugs, and as senator, would reduce government to its constitutionally defined role of protecting the rights of the individual and nothing further.

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