Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Massive Phoenix drug sweep targets gangs, crack cocaine

The title of this article could have been, “Help Wanted!  71 full time job openings available immediately for drug dealers.  Unbelievable tax free pay!”  Another possible title could have been, “Countless Drug Dealers enriched as a result of some drugs seized by police.”  In addition to the celebrating police officers, the remaining drug dealers, who were not arrested, celebrated along with those officers because they just benefited from a small and temporary decrease in the supply of drugs.  Whenever supply is decreased and demand remains the same prices rise.  Said another way, all the other drug dealers benefited because their supply is now worth more.  

If you really want to disappoint the drug dealers, end the drug war.  Just as the prohibition on alcohol was the best thing that ever happened to organized crime, the prohibition of other drugs is the best thing for the illegal drug dealers.  The drug war has been a complete disaster.  It will never be won.  69 billion dollars a year later, it is time to end it and pursue sane policies instead. 

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