Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What Our Clients Are Saying

I am writing to express my gratitude to Marc Victor and his legal team for not only doing an amazing job on my case, but for helping me get though a very difficult time in my life. I am a Hispanic male who was racially profiled and pulled over on I-40. After being pulled over for what was said to be “swerving in my own lane,” I was held for over an hour while the officer questioned me. Once I was free to leave and about to get back into my car, the officer yelled out asking if he could search my car. I refused the search, but the officer continued with the search of my car with his k-9. After finding several pounds of marijuana in my car, I was arrested and put into jail.

Quickly after contacting Marc Victor, I was able to get out of jail. I feel extremely lucky to have come to meet Marc and his team of experts. His firm gave my case the attention and effort necessary to make me feel confident in the process every step of the way. I was facing many years in prison, but Marc and his experts were able to work their magic to get me a misdemeanor possession charge. I strongly feel that without Marc and his firm defending me I would currently be in prison and unable to be there for my family.

- S.A.


Just watched some of your videos with Ernie Hancock discussing the justice system and the Freedom Summit, and it just reminded me how much I respect you.  I really mean it. I'm an aspiring lawyer, and you really impress me as the kind of lawyer I want to be like.  When we met a week or so ago, you mentioned how my lawsuit could have a real impact on my current career.  You went through this same kind of thing and stood for principle with your judgeship.  Listening to your account of that one day reminds me of how I would imagine myself as in a leadership position in my profession.  I imagine I would be fired quickly, as the best often are for staying true to principle.  What separates me from the great, is that I have chosen not to work to achieve those positions and opportunities.  I hold in high regard those who have, and who still hold their integrity above what they've worked so hard to accomplish.  The greatest are able to "make it" while staying true to principle, but they are so few it seems to me.  Colonel John Boyd comes to mind. 

With your background in the Marine Corps, you may be familiar with him.  He was a great Air Force officer who was able to excel in the service through his excellence, while not passing up inconvenient fights for the good of our nation.  Only exceptional people like Boyd are able to do that.  He was shunned by the Air Force (even at his funeral), and yet honored by the Corps (they even have an exhibit dedicated to him at Quantico).  On the legal side, I think of my wife's former boss, a prominent federal judge who I once had the opportunity to talk with over dinner.  He's another truly principled American who has simultaneously achieved success.  I believe you are of the same caliber.  I am impressed that despite the success of your law firm, you remain committed to principle and defending our American liberty.  It was an honor to meet you in person and I'm grateful for the time you took out of your busy schedule to talk with me.  Please know that I am willing to pay whatever is required on my case.  I'm not looking for somebody else to bear the burden of my fight for charity.  I just greatly appreciate that you are willing to take my case, and that you have been so outspoken for our freedoms.

Be well brother,


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