Wednesday, August 31, 2011

US Attorney for Arizona Resigns 

A great law professor of mine once said, “If they get you asking the wrong question, it doesn’t matter what the answer is.”  The wrong question here is, “How should the federal government best observe, track and control the flow of guns?”  The right question is, “What types of things can be done to reduce the violence in our society?”  Guns do not kill or harm people.  Bad people sometimes use guns to injury or kill people.  Focusing on what causes people to hurt and kill others is what we should be focused on. 

The idiotic drug war is probably the single biggest cause of violence in our society.  The prohibition on certain drugs, just like the similarly failed prohibition on alcohol, creates a black market of trade which relies on violence to enforce contracts and to protect or transport goods.  Say what you want about all the bad things that result from the ingestion of alcohol, at least the Miller guy and the Budweiser guy don’t shoot it up in the streets when they disagree.  Peace emanates from a respect for others which includes tolerating the notion that adults are in charge of themselves and have a right to put into their bodies whatever they want without anybody’s permission or approval.

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