Monday, August 22, 2011

Attorney: Medical marijuana patients being arrested

The citizens of Arizona have spoken.  Medical marijuana is now legal pursuant to state law so long as the patient complies with the requirements and obtains the required card.  Those people who don’t like the change in the law because they desire to control what other adults put in their bodies will have to get over their desire to run the lives of others.  Although federal law enforcement officers may enforce federal law notwithstanding the changes in state law, all state law enforcement officers are obligated to follow state law.  It is likely that better training is needed for some in law enforcement to educate them about the new law.  State, county or city law enforcement officers who knowingly ignore state law and arrest citizens who legally possess marijuana pursuant to state law should be immediately terminated and sued in court.  My law firm has also been contacted by people who have been illegally arrested for possessing marijuana, and we are instituting law suits as well as defending them in the criminal courts.  We stand eager and ready to defend the rights of people to legally possess marijuana pursuant to state law.  This is a freedom issue.  I sincerely hope this law is extended to completely legalize marijuana for all adults for all purposes.  Additionally, federal law also needs to be changed so we can once again have a legitimate claim to refer to our country as the, “Land of the Free.”

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