Monday, August 22, 2011

Chandler police arrest 3 in pot bust involving almost $100,000 ot-sting-3-arrests-abrk.html 

This is yet another sad chapter in the ever increasingly popular “reverse sting” marijuana operations conducted by Chandler police.  Besides being a horrendous waste of resources which could be used to help apprehend people who commit crimes against other people, these operations are extremely dangerous for everyone including the participating police officers.  Just last year, a Chandler police officer was killed during one of these operations.  Unfortunately, there has never been a shortage of criminals who commit dangerous crimes against other people.  The citizens of Arizona would be better served if all law enforcement and prosecutorial funds were expended to apprehend people who hurt others instead of the failed and misguided effort to try and save people from themselves by stopping the marijuana trade.  In a free country, adults should be free to smoke marijuana or ingest any other substance into their bodies so long as they do not harm others or trespass on the rights of others.  The drug war is inconsistent with freedom, un-American, dangerous, a complete failure and a huge waste of resources.  It needs to end.

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