Monday, August 22, 2011

Pinal County deputies find $100,000 of marijuana in car

Isn’t it sad that SWAT team members and a K9 unit are diverted from possibly being used to apprehend people who commit real crimes to chase down some guy transporting a relatively harmless plant?  At a time when federal politicians celebrate their last minute deal to further bury the next several future generations with more debt, precious funds are wasted trying to eradicate a highly valued naturally growing plant from the planet Earth.  I wonder who would have been victimized had that marijuana been allowed to reach the end users who were willing to pay to receive it.  To really be the “land of the free” people need to respect the rights of others to control their own bodies; even if that means tolerating the millions of adults who choose to peacefully ingest marijuana as humans have for thousands of years. 

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