Monday, August 22, 2011

Marc Victor named one of Arizona's finest lawyers for 2011

Marc Victor named one of Arizona's finest lawyers for 2011

Criminal Defense Attorney Chandler My name is attorney Marc J. Victor. I am a Chandler criminal defense attorney, personal injury attorney, medical malpractice attorney, and accident injury attorney. I am a certified specialist in criminal law. My law firm is located in Chandler, Arizona. My Chandler law firm handles criminal law matters such as drugs sales, marijuana drug possession, marijuana drug sales, marijuana drug distribution, marijuana drug production, and all marijuana and drug related cases. Our Chandler law firm also handles criminal appeals and all criminal appellate cases, child molestation and sex offenses, robbery, burglary, theft, self defense, fraud, forgery, gun and firearm cases, gun and firearm related cases, assault, aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, criminal damage, domestic violence, aggravated DUI, all DUI cases, and all DUI related cases in Chandler. My Chandler law practice has extensive experience with Driving Under the Influence cases in Chandler Arizona. I often speak to people in Chandler regarding Driving while Intoxicated (DWI), self defense, gun, drugs, marijuana and other criminal law issues.

I have personally represented several hundred people in Chandler on DUI and DUI related criminal cases from my Chandler law office. My Chandler law firm also represents criminal law clients in Chandler and other Arizona locations in arson, rape, murder, manslaughter, assault, aggravated assault, DUI, domestic violence, marijuana, drug, money laundering, drug conspiracy, theft, self defense, homicide, kidnapping, white collar crime, perjury, custodial interference, sexual exploitation, weapons and firearms, prostitution, gambling, escort, and all drug cases. My Chandler law firm also represents criminal law clients in trial level and criminal appellate and criminal appeal level criminal cases from our Chandler law firm in both state and federal criminal court. I have extensive experience in criminal law matters in federal court including white collar and mortgage fraud and all marijuana and drug related felony crimes.

In addition to criminal defense matters in Chandler and other locations, my Chandler law firm represents clients in personal injury matters such as automobile accidents, tractor trailer accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, medical malpractice cases, serious injury personal injury cases and all accident and personal injury and accident cases in Chandler. We accept personal injury and accident cases where clients have suffered a personal injury or accident injury resulting in death or serious injuries. Many of these cases are car accident or motorcycle accident personal injury cases. My Chandler law firm also accepts slip and fall cases resulting in personal injury. Marc J. Victor P.C. has also represented several personal injury and accident injury clients in our Chandler office in wrongful death personal injury cases and other serious injury cases. I am known as the Attorney For Freedom, and I also represent personal injury and accident clients in all courts in Arizona locations in addition to Chandler, Arizona. Our Chandler Law Office also accepts serious injury and serious accident personal injury cases in other states.

Several members of my Chandler law firm also ride motorcycles. We are members of several motorcycle riding clubs, as well as have our own, Attorney Freedom Riders. We understand the inherent dangers motorcycle riders experience regarding motorcycle related personal injuries within Chandler Arizona. Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries or death. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and suffered a motorcycle related personal injury, feel free to call my Chandler law firm immediately for free advice offered to all motorcycle riders. Many of these motorcycle related personal injuries result in head injuries and other serious personal injuries. Head injuries and serious motorcycle related personal injuries require immediate attention from a head injury medical professional as well as personal injury attorney in Chandler. You can visit my law firm in Chandler or we will come to you for all motorcycle personal injuries and all motorcycle accident cases.

I am a former United States Marine who is committed to excellence and I demand this of all the attorneys and paralegals of my law firm. As a former Marine I learned the importance of honor, integrity and being committed to excellence. I take this same approach with my law firm, Attorney For Freedom in Chandler. Chandler is located in Maricopa County Arizona just outside of Phoenix. Chandler is named after Dr. Alexander John Chandler a veterinary surgeon from what was known at the time as the Arizona Territory. While plans for the town of Chandler were being drawn up on what was known as the Chandler Ranch at the time Dr. Chandler settled on a ranch south of Mesa.

The town of Chandler opened on May 17, 1912 and by 1913, a town center had become established, featuring the luxurious Hotel San Marcos, the first golf resort in the state. Chandler survived through most of the great depression; however the cotton crash some years later had a greater impact on the residents of Chandler. With the addition to Chandler of Williams Air Force Base in 1941 Chandler saw a small surge in population, but Chandler still only held 3,800 people by 1950. The population of Chandler grew sharply in the 1980Õs to 30,000 and with housing boom of the 1990Õs that population had grown to be an impressive 238,000 residents. Large Corporations such as Intel, Microchip and Motorola, as well as the addition of several freeways were responsible for a large portion of the growth of Chandler.

Today Chandler is an ethnically diverse community with exceptional schools, top-notch healthcare, restaurants and retail centers. In 2010, Chandler was named as an All-America City, a prestigious honor bestowed by the National Civic League. In 2012, Chandler celebrated its 100th Birthday. The community of Chandler is very important to me because I not only practice in Chandler, but I am a resident of Chandler as well. I represent the people of Chandler in Criminal defense. As a Chandler criminal defense attorney the Law Firm of Marc J. Victor is committed to providing the best in criminal defense in Chandler.

I opened my law firm in Chandler in 2004 after moving my practice to Chandler from Mesa. As a criminal defense attorney in Chandler I serve the residents of Chandler Arizona in the areas of Criminal Law, Personal Injury, and Civil Law. I am a certified specialist in Criminal Law. I have represented clients in more than a thousand major felony cases including first and second degree murder, sex cases, gun cases, major drug cases, complex white collar cases, federal appeals, and other complex state and federal matters in Chandler and throughout Arizona, as well as nationally.

Criminal defense attorneys are not all alike, it is important that you select an attorney that will fight for you should you find yourself in need of a Criminal Defense Attorney in Chandler. I am a Chandler Criminal Defense Attorney who will fight for your rights. If you are looking for an experienced attorney in Chandler Arizona or anywhere in Arizona, please visit our website and read about our commitment to excellence in Criminal Defense.

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